Who is in the Room Activity

This activity will help us to get to know you and understand what your needs and concerns are.

1. What's your position?
  • Other?

2. What Level Do You Work With?
  • Elementary

3. Have you previously used Camtasia?

4. Have you previously used Jing?

5. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is not at all comfortable and 10 is extremely comfortable,
How would you rate your comfort with using Camtasia and/or Jing?

6. How comfortable are you with exploring new software?

7. What are your top two expectations for what you'll learn today?

  • That I will be able to make simple recordings to use in my computer lab.
  • I will look at Jing and see if our teaching staff, may want to use it.
  • A new thing to teach my teachers.
  • A new way to get my kids' attention.
  • Basic working knowledge know about extended features
  • Working ability to use Camtasia
  • Begin creating a "video"
  • be able to create presentations for my staff problem solve issues
  • To learn some shortcuts and how to incorporate more uses in my classroom.
  • creating and editing video, screencasts, and learning about other features
  • I want to learn my way around the program. I want to learn about some advanced features of the program.
  • How to better utilize Camtasia and all that it can do Learn some tips and tricks that I never knew about Camtasia
  • be able to create presentations for my students to use in my lesson plans
  • I would like to learn about Jing and it's uses.
  • I would like to work with Camtasia in an environment in which I can learn from others and share questions and answers.

8. What is your biggest fear about today?

  • Having to present a project.
  • Seeing windows running on a mac.
  • Nothing, really... except maybe public speaking or sharing my work, especially if I have to narrate it.
  • none really
  • keeping up!
  • Getting turned around trying to get onto the highway to go home
  • I've not yet made a decision on what I will eat for lunch.
  • not spilling anything in the lab
  • Not learning anything new
  • Running out of time.
  • learning so much that I can't find the time to put it all to good use.
  • No coffee :)

Workshop Objectives