Camtasia 6.0 Lab - 60 minutes


Download and Install a 30-day trial of Camtasia at

1. Now it's time to learn about Camtasia! Get started by watching this overview video:

2. Now that you have an overview of how Camtasia works, watch this video on recording:

3. After watching those two videos, practice recording your own screen:
  • Open a web browser as well as Camtasia Studio 6
  • Begin recording - select your entire web browser as the recording space and adjust the window size as needed
  • Record yourself going to Google Maps and finding your school. Switch to Satellite view and see how close you can zoom in!
  • Mimicking what you saw in the video, when you are finished recording
    • Click "Stop"
    • Click the "Edit" button (which will open your recording in Camtasia Studio)
    • Save your project when prompted (we will be using it later on in the day)

4. Before going any further, learn about the editing features in Camtasia

5. There was a lot of information in that video, but for now just practice some basic edits. Switch back to Camtasia and...
  • Select your desired project settings in the pop up window from the previous step (the defaults are fine)
  • Save your project in the same location you saved your recording (remember: your recording is the .camrec file)
  • Preview your video to see what the automatic zoom and pan points look like
  • Try splitting your video into chunks using the "split" tool
  • Try selecting and cutting out a short portion of your video

6. Now that you know how to cut and move video clips, lets look at how to save movies for the web

7. Now you try it
  • Click "Produce video as"
  • Use the "Web" preset for this run-through, and leave the other settings as they are
  • When your video is done rendering, take a look and see what you think!

8. There are many ways to share your videos. To see what your options are watch the final video:
  • Video: Sharing your video (Length: 4:49)
  • If you are comfortable sharing the video you've created then try uploading it to YouTube,, or another web server you have access to

Congratulations! You've just created your first screencast with Camtasia Studio 6!